"The Life Finds A Way, Flight"

33"h x 39"w x 15"d


"In Need of a Nudge" (in 3-D) 

16"h x 31"w x 26"d


"Bad Fish"

"12.5"h x 37"w x 15"d


"The Roundup" (in 3-D) 

12"h x 43"w x 36"d


"The Boost" (in 3-D)

63"h x 17"w x 17"d



"Bevin & Toot" (in 3-D)

8"h x 18"w x 8"d



"A Freak Show"

20"h x 28"w x 25"d



"Spheksophobia Confront"

35"h x 20"w x 20"d



"The Squid Encounter"

7"h x 21.5"w x 12.5"d


"Inside the Mind of a Genius No. 1"

14.5"h x 9.5"w x 8"d


"Inside the Mind of a Genius No. 2"

14"h x 9.5"w x 8"d



"The Deer Cult" 

12"h x 36"w x 28"d


"Giraffing Horse"

32"h x 16"w x 14"d



10"h x 13"w x 9"d


"A Better World"

14"h x 18"w x 13"d


"So. Outta. Here." 

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