"The Roundup" (in 2-D)

The print is always produced first, and then I adapt the print into the sculpture.  I have printed this block as a 3-layer reduction wood cut and also as a 1-layer run. This relief print illustrates a fearless girl lassoing a giant rattlesnake and cobra in a desert environment. She is overcoming her ophidiophobia.  Not only does she represent myself, but a majority of individuals who share the same fear. 

  • I always stain my wood block with either diluted acrylic paints or India ink so I know what cuts I have made.  Then I draw out my image with pencil & re-outline the drawing with a fine-tip sharpie.  Make sure your sharpie is completely dried before spraying your Shellac, or else your sharpie will bleed & you will loose your detail. Also remember that what you draw will be the mirrored image when you print it. Here I used MDF wood, it is softer & more easy to control. 

"Outta the Herd"

A 3-layer reduction wood cut. This animated (framed) relief print illustrates a girl tattooing a kangaroo. It portrays overcoming the fear of being different & standing out of a crowd. It represents being unique from a mass population. 



"Bevin & Toot" (in 3-D)

This is a 1-run Linoleum block printed on a letter press.  It is an illustration of a science experiment-gone-wrong escapee, who appears to have elephant, bat, armadillo, etc...features. "Bevin" encounters his only friend, an elephant stag beetle, named "Toot."


"The Boost' (in 2-D)

A 3-layer reduction birch wood cut. This relief print illustrates a girl climbing a nonchalant giraffe, whom "boosts" her into an air balloon. She is overcoming her acrophobia.



"A New Sound" (Members of the Freak Show's traveling band)

This is a 1-run color MDF wood block. I illustrated a few of the 3-dimensional "Freak Show" members & formed them into a versatile band. This print was included in a Mexican Student Print Exchange.



"Spheksophobia Confront" (in 2-D)

This is a 4-layer reduction birch wood cut.  It portrays a girl straddling & slaying a giant killer wasp in the air. Two slain wasps fall below them. She is confronting her spheksophobia, which happens to be one of my biggest fears. 



"R.I.P. Big Tex" 10-19-12 (Small Relief Print) 

A small linoleum cut of "Texas State Fair's Big Tex."  On October 19, 2012, the statue "Big Tex" caught flame & burned (by electrical fire) in front of hundreds of fair-goers at Fair Park in Dallas, TX. So I thought I would illustrate an animated version of his face to commemorate him.  R.I.P. Big Tex!


"In Need of a Nudge" (in 2-D)

A 3-layer reduction wood cut. This animated relief print illustrates a girl helping her walrus friend who is stuck b/t two hill formations. It portrays overcoming the fear of being stuck or stranded by having a helping hand or friend. It could even ambiguously portray conquering claustrophobia.

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