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"In Need of a Nudge" (in 3-D)

The print is always produced first, and then I adapt the print into the sculpture.  I began building his body first (which is all hollowed out). I normally use solid forms of clay to sculpt the body, but b/c of his size, I rolled out giant slabs & laid them over a sturdy tubed cardboard that I shaped. Then I proceeded with making the flippers & attaching them to the body. Sculpting the head & creating facial features is my most favorite part of sculpting (I always save it for last & attach it). I do the same for the girl, I build her torso first, segment it, hollow it out, & then build the arms, hands, legs, etc & attach... Again I leave the head, face, hair, etc...for last. 


"The Boost" (in 3-D)

I went ahead & started building him on a kiln shelf to save me the trouble of transporting him into a kiln. Again, I started building the body shape, segmenting it, & hollowing it all out. For the giraffe legs, I rolled out giant coils & shaped them, and then attached them to the body (same with his tail). For the long neck, I rolled out a giant slab & created a tube.  Then I sculpted the head, segmented in half, hollowed it, & attached it onto the neck.


"A Freak Show"


"The Squid Encounter"


"The Roundup" (in 3-D)


"Bevin & Toot" (in 3-D)


"Inside the Mind of a Genius" (no.2)


"The Deer Cult" (group 1)


"The Deer Cult" (group 2)


"Inside the Mind of a Genius" (no. 1)


"Giraffing Horse"


"Spheksophobia Confront" (in 3-D)


"The Deer Cult" (group 3)